Lucky Kwong

Hokkien Noodles

Lucky  Kwong is Kylie Kwong ‘s new restaurant in the new area know as South Eveleigh. It’s a great restaurant, it’s busy and interesting to see how this area all works together.

Old favourite dumplings sit next delicious new items such as the noodles along with food that is a progression of Kylie’s market stall food and flavours from her last restaurant, Billy Kwong.


I am a fan of the food. An amazing amount of flavour is packed in to the ( apparently ) simple plates leaving the kitchen. And what’s most exciting is the clean fresh flavours, rare characteristics for Chinese food, normally served to me. On my first meal here, vegetarian hokkien noodles moved straight to my top 3 noodles in town, fresh from leaves, spiced, clean saucy with nuts this hearty bowl is totally moorish. Great favours and textures in the food and with such a big name chef owner,  Lucky Kwong was bound to be busy.


Lunches only, what! So un Sydney. The rest of the city ‘s restaurants only wants to open weekend nights. Personally, I love another lunch option in town, especially for early week lunches! Lunches only, it seems Kylie wants to have a life outside the kitchen. Restricted hours and rockstar chef status is going to leave this new joint hard to get into. Then south Eveleigh has some serious offices, like the Commonwealth Bank office. The effect is there are thousands of people there who all want lunch, in South Everleigh, at lunch time, busy.

Slow Cooked beef and veg

Lunches only may be the reason for the simplicity of the wine list. One white, one red, both from Cullen WA. The white is delicious, it’s all I’ve tried but Cullen being an OG Biodynamic farming vineyard you know the wine will be good.

The interior too, simple at Lucky Kwong. Compound board, minimal smart design, aligns with the South Eveleigh aesthetic of re-cycle, re-use so we all can re exist, is echoed through Lucky Kwong’s design. Concise and smart. Then the app based ordering system, kinda smart? I always have menu questions so app ordering is kinda annoying to me.

The menu at Lucky Kwong is also smart & concise, hit flavours and textures from years of markets stalls and restaurant feedback are on the menu at Lucky Kwong. Pancakes are mouthfuls of fresh herbs. Slow cooked beef is still, somehow, clean in flavour, then with soft pickled, stewed veg it’s a delightful plate of food. Hero pork dumplings to placate the masses, familiar flavours of chili and vinegar will not challenge the thousands of square diners, who will be lining up at Lucky Kwong for lunch over the next few months.


I am a fan of Lucky Kwong. It’s the quality, simplicity & freshness that’s got me. A two wine list is less annoying than how damn hard it is to get a seat. I wish this place was four times bigger, so hopefully, a South Eveleigh outside seating situation happens soon for Lucky Kwong.

South Eveleigh

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