Hello 35 minute Lamb Shanks


1 onion

2 carrots

1 celery stalk

1 head garlic

4 Lamb shanks

2 cans tomato

600ml stock

1 glass white wine

Handfull of green beans

Rosemary stem about 20 cms long

5 bay leaves

60 ml olive oil


Well i’ll be, first time i’ve ever used a pressure cooker and i’m impressed. After I checked the instructions i was still a bit nervous, i mean 35 mins for lamb shanks! How can it be. When i popped the lid after the pot cooled and meat melted off the bone i knew the time was right, now did i get my flavour right?

Brown shanks in 30 ml olive oil two at a time in the ‘brown’ mode in your crockpot. Set aside. Add diced onion, celery one carrot into crockpot while still on brown mode, when soft and translucent add wine. When this is hot and bubbling, add the rest of the ingredients. season with salt and pepper. Put on the lid and seal. Turn Crockpot to Pressure cook – Meat. The the choice is yours, what to do with your 35 mins?cup of tea? clean the kitchen? or a glass of wine?

Technically you could even put the timer on to start in four hours, then the Crockpot will cook and stay warm for your arrive home.

The ease and simplicity combined with inability to taste while cooking also let to my doubts if i’d got this right as i not tasting whilst cooking is new to me. This simple combo of ingredients never seems to fail and the taste was great. I served the Shanks on a bowl of wet cheesy polenta and the whole lot got gobbled down.

Video here





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