In the latest instalment of casual dining that defines Sydney is Poly. Mat Lindsay’s new project is called a snack bar and viewing the simplicity of the kitchen, with a fire place, grills stacked on bricks, you may expect some simple camp fire cooking. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Crispy spiced fried onion and camp bread with salted cod and parsley dip seem simple and are also delicious. And what a joy to be able to drop in for a snack and have some exceptional vino. You can also dig in, get the more substantial dishes and throw down on some exceptional wines too. We did both. LRG__DSC5808

The crispy onion is crunchy squiggles, lightly dusted in flour and spice and perfect at causing salivation. An intense parsley hit from the oil with the cod dip will fill a small empty spot in your stomach, the bread is kind like a damper and cooked over the open flame. Our first bottle was a tasty Chenin Blanc from Loire France, a scrumptious wine, far more complex than the price suggests. LRG__DSC5813

Bbq pipies are becoming a new fav of mine, good spice hit as well as a distinct lemon myrtle flavour. The bowl is not huge so they still qualify as a snack. The duck cigar tho is too big for one person and a delightful parmesan custard is great for dunking. The gnudi pillows of ricotta pasta is a must, sublte yet rich and six of these bad boys are great to share. We moved to a Amphros Daphne green wine, another unusual and delicious number. I have never seen green wine anywhere except Potugal and this one is well worth a sample.LRG__DSC5819

LRG__DSC5934More serious food is the beef rib. I’ll call it, best in Sydney. This bad boy is cooked in a pot on coals and the finished over fire. It melts in your mouth. A perfect pair with the celery Caesar salad, wow, sexy celery, i’ve never had it so good. At this stage i was enthralled in the wine list so we had a Bornard Ploussard and then a Boudy Poulsard, these light flavoursome French reds will go with anything on the menu and you pay for that privilege! LRG__DSC5852

Cheese and lettuce cups work so well especially when paired with the poor mans orange marmalade. Queen of puddings is a dense bowl of pudding goodness with burnt tips of meringue and sublime churros are also available.

Mat Lindsay has transitioned from wood oven at Ester to open bbq coal with ease. The relaxed vibe in the open room with impeccable service and a well balanced fat sound system has me hooked. Another chilled spot with incredible food and wine with options that will have me running back on the regular….. I just need to cool my jets on the big money wines available.




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